Mass/Conn United Training Center is a state-of-the-art training facility with a focus on hockey, lacrosse, and field hockey. Our 30,000 square foot complex includes two 45' x 85' ice hockey rinks, two 45' x 85' synthetic turf fields, a strength and condit

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Lacrosse Skills Overview

Our programs are designed to work on every necessary skill in the game of lacrosse. No matter what your future lacrosse goals are, these program are designed to help you become the best possible player you can be! All of the skills are adjusted to the level of play, no matter your age and skill level you can ALWAYS get better!
Cradling, Passing/ Catching

CRADLING: For the beginners we will practice this critical skill of cradling. The purpose of cradling is to maintain possession of the ball in your stick. 
PASSING: When passing, hand placement, stepping with the opposite foot, and follow through are critical to a correct pass. 
CATCHING: Catching is the most important and valuable skill in the girl’s game. This is because if the ball is caught, your team keeps possession. However, if the ball is dropped it then becomes a 50/50 ball and the other team now has a chance to take possession.

Ground Balls

GROUND BALLS: This is another basic, but important lacrosse skill to master. After learning the technique, the next step will be to compete against someone else for the ball. 

DODGES: There are three different types of dodges that if mastered (and at full speed) can beat any defender. They are the face dodge, split dodge, and roll dodge.

SHOOTING: There are three important things to remember when shooting- accuracy, velocity, and fakes. Being able to shoot with both hands (dominant and non-dominant) is a skill that not many players have so we will be using both during the drills in hopes of putting you a step ahead of everyone else.

OFFENSE: Crease rolls, screens, and off ball movement will be the main focus of our attack session because they are a big part of what happens on the offensive side of the field.


DEFENSE: Communication, footwork, and stick work will be emphasized this week because of how important they are in a good defense. You will learn what to say and when to say it. We will practice how your feet should be positioned and moving when playing on ball and also how you should hold your stick to be the most effective against the attacker. Double teams are another very important part to a successful defense, so we will practice again practice communication, foot placement, and stick placement while in a double team.